Atish is a social technologist and will talk about how mixed-reality learning games can help predict what people need to learn.

Atish Gonsalves will present some thoughts and possible answers to this question in his keynote on the 25 September: How can we be able to predict what people need to learn?

About Atish Gonsalves

Atish Gonsalves is a social technologist, entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Gamoteca, a collaborative digital platform that enables organisations to create their own mixed-reality learning games. 
With a background in software engineering, AI and human-computer interaction, Atish’s experience includes leadership roles at technology and international non-profit organisations including the United Nations. Atish has consistently implemented successful edtech solutions that have helped democratize learning for thousands of learners in difficult contexts.

The KnowHow team met Atish in Berlin i December 2019, when he talked about how to enable people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries.

Thank you for participating!

Thank you for participating!

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