Target technologies

Unleashing Technology for Sustainable Growth.

Agritech’s goal is to drive innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector through technology. We have a value message that is; “More with Less”. Meaning a increased production with reduced resources and emissions. 

The Agritech cluster aims to unleash technology for sustainable growth, driving innovation power within this sector. Within our cluster we will explore advanced technologies and innovative practices that are reshaping the industry – driving sustainability, maximizing outputs, and unlocking new opportunities.

Drive innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector through technology.

“More with Less” – Increased production with reduced resources and emissions.

New market opportunities, innovation, and sustainable growth.

ADVANCED AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY: Precision agriculture, disease and pest detection, crop prediction and optimization, automated irrigation systems, remote monitoring and control, robotics, automation, and mechanical equipment.

DATA ANALYSIS: Soil health, data-driven decision support, climate impact, and resource optimization.

MODERN AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES: Regenerative agriculture, vertical farming, greenhouses, urban farming, landscaping, carbon farming, and post-harvest technology.

SUPPLY CHAIN AND SUSTAINABILITY: Supply chain, inventory management, sustainable packaging, logistics, transport, energy and communication infrastructure.

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