Nordic Edge Agritech Cluster

The Nordic Edge Agritech Cluster will unite industry pioneers, emerging start-ups, and tech specialists to redefine sustainable agriculture. Our core mission is to blend cutting-edge innovation with proven agricultural practices, ensuring smarter, greener, and more efficient food production.


In an era marked by climate change, food security concerns, and sustainability imperatives, our Agritech Cluster will stand at the forefront, addressing these challenges head-on. Central to our mission will be the need to achieve more with less. Through the integration of digital technologies, we will enable enhanced food production, improved soil vitality, and efficient water management. This journey will be underpinned by our commitment to reduce fertilizers, curtail emissions, and minimize waste.

While our focus areas are still in development in collaboration with our cluster members, our current exploration will span from AI-driven precision agriculture and drone technology to innovative irrigation systems and eco-friendly packaging. Furthermore, we will be establishing ‘living labs’ for real-world testing and validation of the latest Agritech breakthroughs.

Being part of Nordic Edge is about more than just joining a group; it’s about tapping into a network of innovation. Here, you’ll connect with experts, researchers, and businesses from various fields. Our Smart City cluster offers insights into how urban technologies can revolutionize farming, from efficient resource management to data-driven solutions. Meanwhile, Innoasis provides a space and a concept for start-ups and thinkers to collaborate and refine their ideas. Through Innoasis, you also gain access to growth capital, investor networks, and expertise in business scaling.  By bridging the gap between urban tech and agriculture, we’re creating a future where both sectors benefit from each other’s advancements.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a future where agriculture is both technologically advanced and sustainably grounded.

Fra utfordringer til muligheter: Bøndene setter klyngen i arbeid!

Fra utfordringer til muligheter: Bøndene setter klyngen i arbeid!

I prosjektet “Fremtidsbonden” har fremoverlente bønder fra regionen delt sine problemstillinger og utfordringer de står overfor i dagens raskt skiftende landskap. Disse problemstillingene legger til rette for omfattende innovasjon og utvikling innen Agritech-klyngen. 

For more information and the opportunity to join the cluster, please contact:

Gunnar Crawford

Head of Agritech Cluster

+47 934 88 841

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