About Nordic Edge

Our mission is to build a Nordic ecosystem for smart, sustainable and liveable communities.

Nordic Edge is a non-profit organisation owned by private companies working in close cooperation with municipalities and city administrations to promote solutions for smarter cities and communities. Based in Western Norway, but with a Nordic focus, Nordic Edge aims to be one of Europe’s most important arenas for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter businesses, cities and societies. Established in 2015, Nordic Edge:

  • has the ecosystem to take an idea from concept to the international market
  • hosts the largest Smart City event in Northern Europe
  • facilitates business development through Norway’s official innovation cluster on smarter cities and communities
  • work for secure, smart and sustainable transport infrastructure, through the VIA cluster.
  • organises Smart City events on other continents

The quest for a Smarter City is all about making better communities to live in – more liveable urban spaces where citizen interests and well-being come first.

At Nordic Edge Expo we call this ‘Smart with a Heart’.

The Nordic countries, individually and collectively, are at the cutting edge of technological and social innovation. We share a common value set with:

  • a distinct welfare model
  • smart governance – in collaboration with citizens
  • trust in public-private partnerships
  • high quality urban solutions
  • environmental and social consciousness
  • citizens are early adopters of new technology
  • the digital infrastructure is well connected

This is why we believe that the Nordic countries can serve as a laboratory for smarter and more sustainable societies. As a result, the ambition of Nordic Edge is to be the Smart City accelerator that puts the Nordic region on the global map as a vibrant & vital region where innovative solutions for a smarter, safer, greener and better world are fostered.

By bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers, Nordic Edge Expo is a not-to-be missed arena for inspiration, insights, idea exchange and action.

Take part

We are very interested in teaming up with more Smart City players from the Nordics and beyond, to help us accelerate the business effects in this sector.

We believe in identifying challenges in order to find the right solutions.
To achieve this we initiate tests and piloting, connect project partners, take part in R&I consortiums and take part in or host arenas in Europe, the United States and Asia where the public and private sector can come together to discuss new, innovative solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your viewpoints, project ideas, sponsorship requests or questions on how to become an exhibitor.

Board members (from left): Marit Salte (Smedvig), Ivar Rusdal (Chairman), Thor-Christian Haugland (Sparebank1 SR-Bank), Anne Woie (City of Stavanger), Eirik Gundegjerde (Lyse), Anne-Cathrin Østebø (Validé). Torgeir Waterhouse (Otte) was not present when the picture was taken.

The Nordic Edge Board

The members of our board represent our owner organisations and close collaborators.

Nordic Edge Expo

How to access Nordic Edge Expo Digital

23. September 2020

This is how you get access to the comprehensive programme. Already have a ticket, but experiencing technical problems – this is what you do.

Nordic Edge Expo

Let the Games Begin

You know how we’ve been stuck in the home office with meager equipment? Here’s your chance to drastically upgrade this – you just have to make good use of your time at Nordic Edge Expo Digital.

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