About us

Nordic Edge is a non-profit organization working in close cooperation with private companies, municipalities, academia and citizens towards smarter and more sustainable cities and communities. Our aim is to be a driving force for the development, testing and export of smart city technology and sustainable solutions on behalf of our cluster members.

We are located at Innoasis, Sverdrups Gate 27, 4007 Stavanger


Advancing a smarter and greener tomorrow


To be the epicenter of the Nordic Smart City Eco-system, creating new business opportunities and knowledge-based jobs

Core Philosophy

Smart with a heart

What we do

Built on the core philosophy “Smart with a Heart”, Nordic Edge strives to advance a smarter and greener tomorrow with a human-centric, inclusive, and collaborative approach.

By sharing and enhancing knowledge, being an arena for interaction, initiating cross-sector collaboration and innovation projects, and creating commercial opportunities, our aim is to strengthen innovation capacity on behalf of our cluster members. Thus, resulting in scalable solutions, new business opportunities and knowledge-based jobs that benefit both people and the planet.

We believe that a smart city puts the citizens first, using new technology, innovative methods, and co-creation to make the city a better place to live, reside and work.


We mainly work within the areas active citizenship and knowhow, mobility, urban energy and spaces and places. In addition to cluster projects, we enable change through Innoasis and the Expo. 

Through our toolbox and coworking space, Nordic Edge Innoasis, we facilitate for our members to connect, collaborate and evolve. At Innoasis, you are a part of an engaged community where you can find the right people to help you develop sound solutions, test your idea and make it market-ready, and gain access to a large investor network and comprehensive expertise. 

Every year, we host the Nordic Edge Expo & Conference, an arena where business, politics and academia come together to find and present scalable solutions for tomorrows challenges. The Expo is the leading Nordic event for future cities and communities, enabling action towards UN´s Sustainable development goals. 



Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Rapid urbanisation increases the pressure on climate, infrastructure and services. Working in concert across sectors and borders to accelerate transformation, we are better equipped to meet the shared challenges of our citizens and cities.

Smart with a Heart – From Locally Smart to Global Sustainability

Innoasis week

Innoasis week

Innoasis week has come to an end with over 450 guests, 45 speakers and 10 events.

Growth Tour Sweden: A glimpse into our Nordic Edge Smart City

Growth Tour Sweden: A glimpse into our Nordic Edge Smart City

What would a smart, green, sustainable city look like? Where everything flows effortlessly with efficient use of all resources and inclusion of every citizens? We do not have to full answer, but we’re seeing a glimpse of it through our cluster members and the solutions they develops.

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