Tested In – a portal for test arenas

Looking for a place to test your product, service or innovative solution? We, at Nordic Edge, have developed a portal that displays what the region of Rogaland can offer to start-ups as well as established companies when it comes to different test arenas.

Testing new solutions in real-world scenarios allows businesses to understand how their products or services perform and how customers interact with them in practical settings. By simulating actual usage conditions, companies can identify potential flaws or areas for improvement before the official launch, thus minimizing the risk of failure and maximizing the chances of success.

Click on the image or the button to enter the searchable database where you can find more information about every test arena.


“We have collaborated with Nordic Edge since they began their journey, and have experienced significant mutual benefits from this. When the invitation came for joining the “Tested In” portal, it was natural for us to want to contribute. Stavanger, and the surrounding region, are built around the harbour port, ports being both logistical and energy hubs, which can provide excellent testing arenas.”

Eivind Hornnes, Business Development Manager, Port of Stavanger Region




“We believe that by offering test facilities through our various arenas, this can help promote more innovation and help realize our desire to improve the general health in Norway.”

Karton Nilsen, CEO, Folkehallene

Why test?

Testing in real-world environments, before product or solution launch, is essential for businesses to address issues promptly, avoiding delays and gaining a competitive edge. Rapid deployment not only capitalizes on emerging trends but also validates technology in the market, and aligns it with the user needs. This validation enhances confidence in investors and can secure funding for further development.

Such testing also provides significant insights within a short period, empowering informed decision-making and strategic choices. It’s wise to test ideas during development, refining them based on real-world feedback, which ultimately reduces risks associated with innovation.

Engaging customers during testing inspires co-creation and strengthens relationships, enhancing product-market fit and helps focus on a customer-centric culture. Testing demonstrates commitment to quality, building trust with stakeholders and establishing legitimacy. Clear demonstration of value through testing not only reinforces market positioning but also accelerates market adaptation.

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