Are we outsourcing the classroom? An increasing number of independent technology suppliers and producers of educational content have entered the education system. Are they a threat to the established system – or an asset that improves the quality of education?


“Outsourcing the Classroom” is a documentary made as a part of the KnowHow EdTech Conference 2022. The documentary explores the topic from a Norwegian perspective, but its findings and insights are applicable in a wider geographical context.

The documentary is in Norwegian, but English subtitles will soon be available.

The debate about “Outsourcing the classroom” – available now

We invited representatives from higher education, suppliers of EdTech technology and content, and even a Member of the Norwegian Parliament to a very interesting and entertaining debate.

The video from the event is in Norwegian, but will get English subtitles soon.

GDPR – for better or for worse?

Watch the 2021 video “GDPR for better or for worse”. The video discusses the need for protection of personal data versus the inhibitions General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) imposes on the use of digital tools in teaching.

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