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Thank you to partners, attendees, speakers, organisers and volunteers for being an invaluable part of Nordic Edge Expo 2022. 

You can now watch the main conference, on demand, at your own leisure: click here

This year, we welcomed attendees from all over Europe, over 90 speakers, and hosted over twenty workshops and side events. The two-day programme covered everything from the big picture to the small solutions- topics spanning from EU´s Green Deal, Urban Mobility, Public Spending, Building and Urban Development to Energy Emergency and the importance of citizen involvement. At The Living Lab, we showcased creative and sound solutions that have already made a difference. It’s safe to say we have kick started the progress from awareness to action. 

 We hope you are left with tons of inspiration and a willingness to continue striving towards smarter and greener cities and communities. 

We look forward to continuing this journey together and hope to see you again for next year’s Nordic Edge Expo 9-11 May 2023.

Our sincerest gratitude,

The Nordic Edge Team.

Nordic Edge Expo 2022, right in the heart of the vibrant and beautiful city of Stavanger.

The 8th leading Nordic event for future cities and communities was a physical event held in the city centre of Stavanger.
Co-organisers from the heart of European legislation, Brussels, across the Nordics and beyond shared insight and discussed topics about city- and business development to achieve UN targets for climate-neutral cities within 2030.

Enabling change: Nordic Edge Expo connects key decision makers to enable action towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Creating business opportunities: Nordic Edge Expo is the leading expo for smart and sustainable cities and communities – presenting scalable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Connecting people: Nordic Edge Expo is an arena for business, politics and academia. Together we find solutions for sustainable cities and communities.

Watch the video: Outsourcing the classroom

Watch the video: Outsourcing the classroom

Are we outsourcing the classroom? An increasing number of independent technology suppliers and producers of educational content have entered the education system. Are they a threat to the established system – or an asset that improves the quality of education?  

What the Flying…?

What the Flying…?

Urban Air Mobility at this year’s Nordic Edge Expo, organised by USEPE and other EU-funded projects. Designed for cities and other interested stakeholders in the Nordic countries, this workshop had three objectives: catch the audience attention, explain basic aspects of the the topic, elaborate on the on-going research and experimentation supporting the development of air mobility over cities. For more information and presentations: click here

Thank you for participating!

Thank you for participating!

We are so grateful for everyone who took part in our event and debate with the topic “Outsourcing the classroom”. We filmed the debate and will publish here as soon as possible, so stay tuned. Until then, check out the photos from the event!

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