Want to take advantage of educational technology in your teaching? We are collecting insight, tips and tricks from teachers who has tried and tested various tools. Our aim is to bring attention to tools, apps and programmes that are easily accessible and could be helpful to both teachers and students.


Office Lens – useful features for everyone

Office Lens is an app most teachers have access to – but not everyone knows about all the practical features that can make life easier for both teachers and students. E-teacher Helena Eracleus Hallgren at Hetland High School explains how she uses the app.

Flipgrid: perfect tool in language classes – and loved by students

How can Flipgrid be used in education – and why do students like it so much? Find out from the students in the Spanish language class at Hetland High School, and their teacher Helena Eracleous Hallgren. PS! Since this was filmed, the app has changed name from Flipgrid to Flip.

Gaming as part of teaching

E-teacher Helena Eracleous Hallgren at Hetland High School in Stavanger, Norway, shares how she uses gaming in teaching. Featuring the games “Just Dance” and “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.” Hear why Helena finds commercial games to be valuable in teaching.

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