After a promising round of application to Nordic Fund Day in Berlin, the jury from 2150, 2bX, BMW Ventures, KOMPAS VC and Planet A Ventures has selected the 11 promising start-ups to pitch to our international investor network.


Autarc builds the OS for installers to become the heat pump champions.

Aqua Alarm

Next generation microbial water quality monitoring and management.


Bintel offers the key to an automated and optimized future for waste management through actionable insights and recommendations.

Clean Sea Solutions

Clean Sea Solutions was established with the vision of creating commercially and environmentally sustainable ocean technology solutions for waterfront areas. Their aiming to mitigate the influx of marine plastic waste into the oceans, thus contributing to the preservation of the world’s oceans.


Cogo is the only mobility app you need. Find, ride and pay directly with Cogo.


We enable companies to establish credibility in a world of uncertainty and mistrust.


Legacy provides a simply way to calculate your building emissions and actively reduce the impact of your real estate portfolio.


NablaFlow is changing the way the world thinks about wind with the power of High-Performance Computing.


Ntention is building a system of interaction between the people and the machines that is user centered – not machine centered. The machine will understand the user – not the other way around. Their goal is to understand the intent of the user and translate it to machines.


Powerpal is a smart hardware and software solution designed to lower energy consumption and reduce emissions. It makes informed decisions on when to route, buy, store and sell power depending on usage and price.

Sally R

Sally R provides a cloud-based service for commercial real estate, to achieve ESG goals. Optimized performance for your HVAC systems results in energy savings and improved air quality.

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