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Innoasis Science Talks is an arena for dialogue and debate between academia, private companies, the public sector and civil society. It’s a place for researchers and professionals to bridge science and practice.

Recordings of the talks will be published here:

What can smart cities learn from Tour de France and Surfboards?

When: 20 October, 2020

What: How can we use simulations and deep learning to enhance the livability in cities? Can city planners learn from Tour de France teams?

Will smart cities make us sustainable?

When: 18 August, 2020

What: Since the smart city emerged as an approach to urban development in the 1990s, it has become highly popular throughout the world. This first science talk will explore the concept of smart cities and take issue with the idea that smart city development is driven by techno-optimistic ideas and policies. Drawing on field work from three EU Lighthouse projects – Stavanger, Nottingham and Stockholm – we examine how smart city initiatives have affected urban energy sustainability.

The Feminist City

When: 8 December, 2020

How can we ensure that sustainable cities are equal cities?

Author Leslie Kern from York University and Sara Ortiz Escalante from Barcelona’s Col·lectiu Punt 6 are among the presenters.

Next Talk: The Smart and Vulnerable City

Join the next Innoasis Science Talk where we ask the question: Will smart cities and regions also be safe and secure?

When: 8 December, 2020.