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Innoasis: A toolbox for taking an idea to the international market

Connecting Competence

Find the right people to help you develop and scale tomorrows solutions.

Innovation & Piloting

Test your idea and make it market-ready.

Capital & Growth

Gain access to a large investor network and comprehensive expertise.

Co-working space

Be a part of an engaged community. Concentrate, collaborate, mingle, test and party.

About Innoasis

The name Innoasis derives from the two words: Innovation and Oasis. It is a new innovation centre under construction, in the city of Stavanger. But beyond the physical structure is a toolbox and co-working space where cluster members connect, collaborate, pilot and scale solutions for the international market. It is an ecosystem of private companies, municipalities and academia with the drive, facilities and expertise to develop and deliver the services and solutions for tomorrow.

Edge Validation

Edge Validation is a program developed to help you with the resources required to successfully commercialize your innovation.

The program provides test beds, partners, network, user insight and funding opportunities that help you achieve market-ready solutions with the potential of becoming a commercial success.

Join us!

At our facilities in Løkkeveien 111 in Stavanger, we offer a co-working space that connects the private sector with the public sector and academia. It is our interim office, nicknamed Innoasis 0.5 (that’s tech talk for not fully complete).

Interested? We’ll find a place for you.

Nordic Edge is growing

Nordic Edge is growing

The activity level in Nordic Edge is increasing after winning through with several project proposals, both within Norway and from the European Union. As a result, we will be looking for new additions to our team.

What the Flying…?

What the Flying…?

Urban Air Mobility at this year’s Nordic Edge Expo, organised by USEPE and other EU-funded projects. Designed for cities and other interested stakeholders in the Nordic countries, this workshop had three objectives: catch the audience attention, explain basic aspects of the the topic, elaborate on the on-going research and experimentation supporting the development of air mobility over cities. For more information and presentations: click here

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Innoasis is a collaboration project with key partners onboard. Contact to find out more.

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