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Innoasis: A toolbox for taking an idea to the international market

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The Oasis

The name Innoasis derives from the two words: Innovation and Oasis. It is a new innovation centre under construction in the city of Stavanger. But beyond the physical structure is an ecosystem of private companies, municipalities and academia with the drive, facilities and expertise to take a concept from the drawing board to the international market.

Innoasis Science Talks: Batteries will help us save the climate, but what about the environment? 

Being able to store electric power is a crucial piece to transition from fossil fuels to renewables. In the last decades, a battery revolution has made this possible in everything from electric vehicles to scooters. However, critics of the battery revolution argue that this all comes at a price. Their reasoning is producing batteries requires rare earth metals, which leads to large mining operations. Also, recycling the batteries can become a challenge.

Bridging Science and Practice

Knowledge, Science and Data are crucial when it comes to making the best possible solutions for our cities. Innoasis Science Forum is a space for researchers and professionals to bridge science and practice. It is an arena for dialogue and debate between academia, private companies, the public sector and civil society.

Innoasis Science Forum holds regular talks and discussions.

Fun Day of Funding

Fun Day of Funding

Nordic Fund Day connected start-ups and investors for a day of fun and funding. Result: Three-quarters of the start-ups continued the dialogue with eligible investors.

Join us!

At our facilities in Løkkeveien 111 in Stavanger, we offer a co-working space that connects the private sector with the public sector and academia. It is our interim office, nicknamed Innoasis 0.5 (that’s tech talk for not fully complete).

Interested? We’ll find a place for you.

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Innoasis is a collaboration project with key partners onboard. Contact to find out more.

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