After a promising round of application from all over the Nordics, the jury from Antler, Contrarian Ventures, EIT Urban Mobility & Skyfall Ventures finally selected the 12 promising start-ups to pitch at the 7th edition of Nordic Fund Day!

Optima Planta

Technology for farming to enable sustainable and efficient growth of plants closer to the end user.

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Lennart Sor –

Robin Johansson –


We deliver an end-to-end drone transportation service.

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Lars Erik Fagernæs –

Fusebox Energy

Achieving the net zero CO2 target needs addition of renewable energy to the grid. Our SaaS product enables this through smart management of consumers and producers.

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Tarvo Õng –


We share nature’s secrets! We serve live water conditions where others are blind, guiding informed and sustainable choices through transformative infrastructure available to everyone.

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Frode Aagedal –

iLu Space

Our company helps cities to be resilient to climate change. Our software platform enables cities to identify climate change risks, assess vulnerabilities in their assets and create an adaptation plan.

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Sunil Singh –

Shweta Singh –


We predict and recommend 40+ climate-positive prevention measures based on high-resolution satellite images, map-based AI models, and optimisation algorithms to reduce flood risk.

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Laurent Feuilleaubois –


Efficient and high-quality floor plans. Generated in seconds.

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Ove Kvalsvik –


Our cloud platform for teaching smart robots helps vendors to get started and overcome the barriers of automation.

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Vasily Morzhakov –


Provides absolute control to contract management and change orders.

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Ida Sandtorp –

Ingrid Marie Brandt –


500+ buses in Nordic uses the system in all conditions to ensure safe, efficient and greener mobility.

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Torbjørn Krøvel –


Kakadu offers a digital inclusion platform that allows companies to create quality-assured guidance material that increases end users’ digital competence.

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Hege Fiskå –

Ingvild Erøy –


Focusing on sustainable, scalable, and user-friendly charging infrastructure for e-scooters and e-bikes.

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Marcus Adolfsson –

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