Nordic Edge is built on the philosophy of “Smart with a heart.” This holds us accountable to always maintain a human focus in everything we do, and it should guide all our decisions. We will make it clearer how we navigate according to this philosophy by showcasing how various employees incorporate it into their roles and everyday work. Today: Malin’s perspective.

Role: Site manager, Innoasis
Started at Nordic Edge in: 2021

In the vibrant and innovative landscape of Nordic Edge, Malin found a compelling blend of curiosity, community, and a shared vision for a smarter and more humane future. Malin’s journey with Nordic Edge began with a simple fascination for the intriguing work the organization was undertaking. The efforts directed towards Innoasis during her time as an intern, piqued her interest and aligned with her background. Drawn by the prospect of exploring new facets of business development, meeting diverse companies, and the curiosity surrounding coworking (a topic she had explored in her master thesis), Malin decided to dive into the world of Nordic Edge.

The belief in the power of collaboration and the effectiveness of Innoasis as a methodology are at the core of Malin’s professional ethos. For her, the idea that individuals achieve more when working together in a group is a fundamental truth. Innoasis and Nordic Edge provide the ideal arenas and networks that facilitate this collaborative spirit, fostering an environment where shared goals take precedence over competition. Malin sees Innoasis not just as a physical location but as a mindset, emphasizing cooperation over rivalry.

The phrase “Smart with a Heart” takes tangible form in Malin’s daily work. At Innoasis, she observes a shared commitment to the philosophy among its residents. The community, driven by a desire to create better cities for people, operates with openness and a genuine interest in fostering connections. “Smart with a Heart” is not just a slogan; it’s a lived experience where individuals engage with one another authentically, driven by a common purpose.

Discussing the ultimate green future, Malin envisions a world where technology plays a pivotal role, but not at the expense of human connections. As she acknowledges the inevitability of technological progress, Malin emphasizes the need to preserve the interpersonal aspects of our lives. This is reflected in the growing trend of coworking, a response to the desire for human contact and the creation of more user-friendly and sustainable cities that are not devoid of warmth.

Malin cherishes various moments within the Innoasis community. Whether it’s the joy of welcoming new faces to the coworking space or witnessing the growth of the community, these moments encapsulate the essence of Innoasis. Friendships formed, meaningful interactions, and the simple pleasure of good coffee contribute to the fabric of Malin’s everyday experiences.

In conclusion, Malin’s journey at Nordic Edge reflects a commitment to building smart solutions with a heart. Through her work at Innoasis, she not only contributes to the ongoing technological evolution but also advocates for a future where innovation is balanced with genuine human connections, ultimately creating cities that are both advanced and compassionate.