For the fourth year in a row we’re welcoming new interns to Nordic Edge from relevant master programs for their practice semester. Please welcome:

Alam, Master in Change Management

Why Nordic Edge?
I like the idea of innovative solutions, and the potential for collaboration in developing and implementing smart city technologies.

What are you passionate about in regards to smart city:
Sustainability is important for creating smart and friendly cities, as it helps optimize energy consumption and reduce waste. Smart city solutions also enhance the quality of life for residents, such as better healthcare access.

What will be your focus area as an intern:
As an intern at Nordic Edge, my focus area will be learning more about policy and governance related to smart city implementation, and meeting and getting to know the cluster members both nationally and internationally.

Malena, Master in Energy, Environment and Society

Why did you choose Nordic Edge?
There are many reasons that lead me to choosing Nordic Edge; however, the main one is their core philosophy of Smart with a Heart. They enact their vision through this philosophy and work to bring together communities and businesses to facilitate a path to a smarter and greener future. Coming from a climate change mitigation background, working for a company that aims to help cluster members enact their visions of a more “clean” future is ideal.

What are you passionate about in regards to smart city:
Today, the world is continuing to grow and become more technologically focused which places such importance on smart city integration to solve current and future issues. The aim of a smart city is to put the citizens needs first, which will in turn make it a better place to live overall which is always something to be passionate about.

What will be your focus area as an intern:
My position at Nordic Edge is to aid in the growth of Innoasis: Norway’s Hub for Urban Innovation. I will aim to continue making Innoasis an enjoyable co-working space and ensuring that the working environment is conducive to growth and a connected community. I will also be aiding in the launch of the 5G Lab which will give innovators a way to test new technology and solutions.

Martin, Master in Energy, Environment and Society

Why did you choose Nordic Edge?
Everyone wonders about the future. Nordic Edge wants to shape it, and I want to participate to this transition. This company is the key to an effective collaboration between actors for a smarter and greener future. As a student in energy and environment with an economical background, I believe our future needs elaborate collaborations between all sectors. I think that Nordic Edge is about connecting people together, to work towards a common goal, and I have the same vision.

What are you passionate about in regards to smart city
By 2050, approximately 70% of the population will live in cities. It is primordial to develop sustainable cities, and thrilling to be part of this transition! When it comes to smart cities, I am passionate about mobility. Indeed, the transport sector is releasing a huge amount of CO2 that could be prevented with new mobility systems. Throughout this internship, I hope to discover new companies innovating our transportation systems.

What will be your focus area as an intern
I will focus on extending the cluster influence, and create new opportunities for companies to thrive throughout Nordic Edge network. I am excited to link people together and participate to the elaboration of a great innovation network.