After receiving great applications from all over the Northern Europe, the jury has worked its way through all the application and picked out the most promising startups to present at Nordic Fund Day!

This is Nordic Fund Day

Nordic Fund Day is an interactive event aimed at connecting start-ups with compatible investors. 9 start-ups have been hand picked through a thorough selection prosess and are now ready to present their smart & sustainable business idea to a professional investor network. Startups, scaleups and investors will join from all over the Nordics and Europe.

The last time Nordic Fund Day was February 2021. It connected start-ups and investors for a day of fun and funding. Result: Three-quarters of the start-ups went into further dialogue with the investors. Investments have already been made, and more are coming.

Would you like to be invited to join as an investor? – send an email to

Augment City

A picture says a 1000s words. If this is the case how many words can be show in a simulation/digital-twin? Humans are visual, creative creatures, we can absorb information extremely fast when we see it in a visual format. Computers are amazing at processing and sorting data, (better than any humans). If we let machines and humans do what they are good at and create a bridge between them, a digital-twin we can change the world. Creating this for a full city and augmenting existing bigdata allows us to speed up time by at least a factor of 10.

Bumbee Labs

There is a huge interest in data regarding how people move in different areas. COVID has have a cathalyst effect on this, but to measure people movement is nothing new. Traditionally cameras and laser counters are used by retail stores.

Many Telcos are looking for new revenue streams and are looking to sell their own cellular tower data. This data is used to understand macro movement such as how people are traveling from city to city. Normally the resolution of this macro data is 500×500 meter, due to how the cellular towers are located.

But for the macro data to be really interesting to retailers, shopping malls, smart cities etc MICRO data is needed. This is where Bumbee Labs comes in. We provide micro data using wifi access points. Normally the resolution of this micro data is 5×5 meter, due to how the wifi access points are located.


We make digital tools to help individuals reduce their carbon footprints. We have developed a unique suite of products for municipalities to track their citizens’ footprints via our Ducky Public interactive map, consumer companies to share climate data with their customers via our Ducky Data APIs, and schools and companies to engage in behavior-changing activities via our Ducky Championships gamification platform.


GreenBytes uses artificial intelligence to help food retailers reduce their food waste and maximize their profit. We predict how much food they will sell in the coming days based on their past sales, weather, and holidays. Using this prediction of what they will sell in the coming days we suggest how much food the retailer should order. We also allow retailers to place their orders to all of their distributors in one place all at once.


Micromobility services are overcrowding streets. While the services are a good attribution to existing transport options, the city needs to balance a limited resource, the public space. With digital regulations – including microtransactions as incentives – cities can get tidier and safer streets, while getting a better mobility service and increasing income.


Our goal is to transform existing and future garages in residents and office buildings to meet the needs and demands of todays and future urban areas. Parqio offer the users secure digital and automatic access, possibility to share unused space, car sharing, first/last mile delivery and new local services. is the first technology-agnostic navigation platform. The versatile technology is used in locating and guiding people indoors and outdoors in shopping malls, amusement parks, office buildings, hospitals and across cities.

The solution consists our unique positioning engine that combines technologies such as Bluetooth, GPS and inertial sensors for calculating accurate location data indoors and outdoors – and our proprietary route-calculation logic that tailors to users with diverse disabilities.

The solution is built API-first, and loved by our customers and resellers ranging from Aruba to Australia.

Rebase Energy

Rebase Energy provides data and digital tools for energy companies and real-estate companies to simulation and optimisation of distributed energy resources such as solar PV, wind, batteries, electric vehicle charging and heat pumps. Using the Rebase Platform, the user can explore, evaluate and optimise energy projects using state-of-the-art energy models. Today several energy companies like EON, Bixia and Tibber is using our platform for usecases such as energy forecasting, optimisation and simulation.

UP Catalyst

UP Catalyst is an Estonian based startup, which produces sustainable carbon nanomaterials directly from CO2 or from waste biomass for a vast range of applications ranging from green advanced battery technologies to biomedicine. UP Catalyst’s mission is to become the first and leading European industrial scale manufacturer of sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite thus providing a strong alternative to environmentally harmful materials used today.