Should information and communication technology (ICT) simply be used to replace or resemble “old-fashioned” teaching? The answer is no, according to this group of teachers.

They believe ICT should be used to strongly modify or redefine teaching – and will provide us with examples of how to do it.

The ideas might not be revolutionary, but probably a pretty important reminder to many teachers who have just managed to keep their heads above water during a challenging year-and-a-half with teaching through the pandemic.

Tricks of the trade are presented in this session by the ICT resource group for the schools in Stavanger, Norway:

  • Njord Aronsen Solberg, Teacher at Roaldsøy school
  • Ranvør Patursson, Teacher at Sunde school
  • Stine Randa – Head of Department at Kannik School
  • Truls Leander Clausen Waage – Teacher at Tastarustå school
  • Maria Edith Briceno Rege – Teacher at Johannes Læringssenter
  • Jostein Kallevig – Head of Department at Tastarustå School
  • Håvard Østhus – Educational ICT Consultant in Stavanger municipality

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