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How to mobilize ecosystems and include citizens in the pathway towards carbon neutral cities by 2030

To successfully plan for and build sustainable cities, all parts of society need to be involved – from public sector to privately owned companies and the people living in the cities. In this interactive workshop we will elaborate on how to best mobilize and empower the citizens in the innovative process for cities aiming at being climate and carbon neutral by 2030.

The force for positive change in Europe is strong where the European Union has agreed to make its 27 member nations climate neutral by 2050. One step of the way is for 100 cities to become climate neutral by 2030.

This workshop provides a unique co-innovation experience to identify how we jointly can help cities reaching this objective, centered around following problem statements:

  • Which are the main hurdles in involving citizens in the development towards sustainable cities and on which platforms can we engage them?
  • Which pan-industry challenges require public-private sector collaboration between in this process, how can we solve these and where do we start?
  • Research shows most adult people across Europe has a strong engagement in sustainability, but what is needed to bridge the gap between aspirations and our everyday lives?

With participants representing city leaders and change agents from tech, academia, citizen movements and startups we aim to identify key challenges to tackle as an ecosystem through a systematic approach supporting the pathway towards climate neutral cities.

The workshop is designed as a SPRINT process, a version of an innovation process fostering ecosystem collaboration to reach the end goal. It is set-up as a hybrid event, to allow participation in person as well as via link.

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Inge Kjønnøy head up the Norwegian Branch of Mastercard. He started working with Mastercard in 2015 by opening the local office in Norway, and in his role actively engage across the payment value chain with partners, customers, business development and strategic planning.

Inge has 25 years + of experience from the payments industry working with the Norwegian bank DNB and American Express. Prior to Mastercard he held the position as Managing Director of the American Express Branch in Norway in parallel with a Nordic responsibility for business development. He has held various leadership roles since 1999.

His education is from Norwegian School of Management.

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Malin leads Mastercard’s government engagement in the Nordics and Baltics, focusing on the intersection between digital infrastructure, economic development and sustainability to support countries, governments, and cities for sustainable growth. She also oversees the company’s global government engagement agenda as it relates to green growth; partnering with governments to support their climate transition pathway. Prior to this role, she held various senior positions in the company as Head of Marketing for Nordics and Baltics and Global Retail Lead which included sales, business development, strategy and relationship management for the retail vertical across 210 markets. Previously, she has also held various positions within ICA Group.

Malin has an international portfolio of experience, with 15 years in retail and technology; delivering business transformation, innovation and ‘strategy through execution’ to support the future of commerce and to advance sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion.

Malin has served on nonprofit boards and is today providing her internal growth experience towards nonprofits and startups, primarily focusing on organizations addressing UN’s SDGs / Agenda 2030.

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