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Nordic eSport Conference

Gaming is a pop culture that has emerged over the past 20 years and become bigger than both music and the film industry.

How do we relate to it as academia, business and sport?

This conference deals with gaming and esports from different perspectives. ESports is a fast-growing ecosystem – what opportunities does eSports bring? We have gathered a number of players from academia, business and sports. The goal is to create a better understanding and knowledge of this cultural phenomenon that young people have addressed!

Nordic eSport Conference Programme

  • Welcome
    Presented by Brita Strand Ragnes, Prodekan for utdanning, Fakultetet for utdanningsvitenskap og humaniora
  • eSport from a schools perspective
    Presented by Eirik Jåtten, Principal of Vardheia School
  • eSport from a gamers perspective
    Presented by Johna Aren Gaard Nilsen
  • eSport from a sports perspective
    Presented by Andre Bauman, Project leader, Bredde E-sport-alliansen
  • On boarding – How should schools begin with game pedagogy and eSports
    Presented by Morten Frankrig
  • The new everyday life with a digital arena
    Presented by Simon Sakkestad, Chairman of Master Blaster
  • eSport from a municipality perspective
    Presented by Stavanger Municipality
  • eSport from a regional perspective
    Presented by Tommy Monsen, Game educator at Tiller High School, Trondheim
  • Introduction to panel discussion, led by Brita Strand Ragnes
  • Panel discussion

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