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Elnett21 a stepping stone for electrification of transport

How far can you stretch the grid before the fuse blows when transportation at sea, on land and in the air is to be electrified? Enova, the Norwegian government enterprise for responsible promotion of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy has funded a large-scale project called Elnett21. This is to identify just how to optimize local production, storage and management of energy.

Ingvald Erga
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Ingvald Erga is Environmental Manager at Stavanger Airport Sola (Avinor) and works with a broad range of environmental and innovative issues. He initiated the Elnett21 project, at the airport, as a first step in preparing for electrification of aviation. This autumn, a solarplant (1 MWp) will be built as a step on the road to self-sufficiency for the airport and batteries will be implemented as storage, backup and peak shaving.

Other important areas of work are climate certification, energy saving, biodiversity, noise, waste and recycling, discharge permits and environmental monitoring.

Innovation is important part of the green future and Ingvald has initiated signal element in the story about Stavanger airport, such as honey production and a tomato greenhouse in the terminal building. Elnett21 is an important stepping stone for Avinor in materializing the vision that all civil domestic aviation is electric within 2040.

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