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How Lyse Powers the Green and Digital Shift

Lyse plays an essential role in the energy transition and digitalization of Norway. For more than 100 years the company has contributed to sustainable growth and societal development,

by delivering energy and building critical infrastructure. Today the company is one of the largest hydropower producers in Norway, and a leading telecommunications company.

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Kristin Støle Kalgraff is a Communications Lead with the Lyse Group. She joined Lyse 10 years ago and has acquired extensive communications experience within the group’s energy business, externally as well as internally.

She has demonstrated outstanding skills in telling the good and informative stories about renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on hydro power, but also about other energy related infrastructure and business solutions provided by Lyse.

She is a former journalist, and she graduated from the University of Bergen. Working with communications for the last fifteen years has also brought Kalgraff to the screen as an excellent storyteller and news reporter, as moderator and as a host for all-sized internal and external events.

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