Nordic Edge Expo

Come Clean [Main Stage]

We look into smart energy concepts for a green future onboard M/S Rygerelektra, at Victoria Hotel and at Innoasis.

Smart energy concepts for a cleaner, leaner future including the opportunities and criticism of battery technology, energy infrastructure in the Nordics and beyond, smart energy grids and the Nordic approach to 100 Climate-neutral cities.

The main session will be filmed in our TV-studio onboard the M/S Rygerelektra. Join our physical conference for the chance to watch the live production while meeting other attendees.


  • M/S Rygerelektra, Strandkaien in Stavanger City Centre (registration closed)
  • Salon du Nord, Victoria Hotel, Skansegata 1 (no registration required)
  • Innoasis, Løkkeveien 111 (no registration required)


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