Nordic Edge Expo

Come Clean Programme

Theme: Smart Energy

Date: Monday 20th September

Live Programme: 08:30 – 11:00

Parallel session and Workshops: 13:00 – 16:00

Smart energy concepts for a cleaner, leaner future including the opportunities and criticism of battery technology, energy infrastructure in the Nordics and beyond, smart energy grids and the Nordic approach to 100 Climate-neutral cities.

Main Stage: Come Clean 09:00-11:00 CET

Building a European Battery Industry
Speaker: Thore Sekkenes, Programme Director, European Battery Alliance

Sustainable Power Batteries Enabling Electrification of Industry
Speaker: Svein Kvernstuen, Founder and CEO, Beyonder

Elnett21 a stepping stone for electrification of aviation
Speaker: Ingvald Erga

Net Zero by 2030
Speaker: Joel Alexander Mills, CEO of Offshore Simulator Centre (OSC)



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Thore Sekkenes has 30 years of experience at management positions in system business related to electric power conversion within ABB and Bombardier Transportation.

He has consistently been working with technologies enabling the transformation to sustainability in the power and transport sectors.

Thore joined InnoEnergy February 2019 and leads the EBA 250 with the responsibility to develop the European battery industry.

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Svein Kvernstuen is the Founder and CEO of the, technology company Beyonder AS, focusing on development of new battery technology and nano carbon material. He has an engineering and business education and has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 15 years.

Svein is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in technology development, marketing, sales and business development. He is owner and angel investor in several companies.

Ingvald Erga
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Ingvald Erga is Environmental Manager at Stavanger Airport Sola (Avinor) and works with a broad range of environmental and innovative issues. He initiated the Elnett21 project, at the airport, as a first step in preparing for electrification of aviation. This autumn, a solarplant (1 MWp) will be built as a step on the road to self-sufficiency for the airport and batteries will be implemented as storage, backup and peak shaving.

Other important areas of work are climate certification, energy saving, biodiversity, noise, waste and recycling, discharge permits and environmental monitoring.

Innovation is important part of the green future and Ingvald has initiated signal element in the story about Stavanger airport, such as honey production and a tomato greenhouse in the terminal building. Elnett21 is an important stepping stone for Avinor in materializing the vision that all civil domestic aviation is electric within 2040.

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A champion for simulation and complex data visualization with a background as an Industrial Designer. Born and educated in the UK and moved to Ålesund, Norway 12 years ago. Passionate about using elegant technology and human centred design to reduce cost, find better solutions, increase safety and improve quality of life. He transformed OSC using simulation technology for the offshore oil industry as a key tool for virtual prototyping and has been focusing heavily on proving the value in simulation.  He started a daughter company; Augment City using the simulation and visualizing technology developed for the offshore industry and in tight cooperation with the United Nations smart cities program as a game changing tool for Smart cities.

Joel also hold the role as Vice Chairman on the UN ITU focus group for Environmental Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence and other Emerging Technologies (FG-AI4EE). As well as being a guest lecturer and exam Moderator at Norwegian University of Science and technology (NTNU) as well as board member of a number of other companies.

Workshops and Parallel Sessions

14:00 – 16:00

Side Event – Nordic Esport