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AI4Cities Demo Day

The EU project AI4Cities is coming to Stavanger and we invite relevant actors to a Demo Day where 20 thoroughly selected AI companies will pitch their solutions!


20 AI-companies in energy and mobility

On this occasion, actors from Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, the Paris region, Tallinn and 20 innovative AI companies, with solutions in energy and mobility, will come to Stavanger. The purpose is for the companies to help find solutions to make the cities’ mobility and energy domains more carbon neutral. In this context, we want to present these companies to you.

When: December 7, at 15.00 – 18.30 (17.30) – there will be mingling and some light food and drinks after ended program
What: Demo Day where 20 companies selected in the AI4Cities program present their solutions
Where: Løkkeveien 111 / Digital (you will receive a meeting link if you attend digitally)

If you are an investor, a municipality or a company interested in this field, and you would like to attend this event, please send an e-mail to It will be possible to participate both physically and digitally.


What is AI4Cities?

AI4Cities is a profiled and important EU project where several European cities are looking for AI companies that will help reduce emissions in their cities. Amsterdam, Tallinn, Helsinki, Paris, Stavanger and Copenhagen are the ordering cities that will use these solutions. Of over a hundred companies that applied, 20 companies have been selected to develop prototypes of their solutions for mobility and energy. The 6 customer cities and the suppliers are therefore coming to Stavanger between 6.-8. December.

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