For the past six months, Nordic Edge has been an integral part of the New European Bauhaus lighthouse project formed around a consortium from Stavanger, Prague, and Utrecht.

This has led to new ways of operating – both in terms of collaboration, but also in terms of the importance of art and architecture in tomorrow’s smarter and more sustainable cities and communities.

In 2022, Nordic Edge and its partners in NEB-STAR (New European Bauhaus – Stavanger) were selected as one of only six lighthouse demonstrators in Europe!

The ambition is to change the way municipalities, business, citizens, and other actors work together, to find fair and robust solutions to our climate and social challenges. Together, we work with social innovation to become climate neutral faster – in an inclusive, aesthetic, and sustainable way.

Part of the NEB-Star project is to learn from each other and create new forms of collaboration that produce faster and more effective results: how can residents and social actors better design, influence and carry out the municipality’s plans and missions – so that we reach our climate goals.

“Already six months into the project we see how the way we have traditionally operated is being challenged by new working structures and closer collaboration within the project,” says Trygve A. Meyer, who heads up the project in Nordic Edge. “A more democratic and inclusive approach must be balanced against progress and deliverables, something that can at times be challenging. But we are all learning and finding new and fruitful ways to work together to reach our goals.

Now, at the six-month mark for the launch of the project, NEB-Star is entering a new phase;

Slowly, but steadily it is entering the test phase. For the citizens of Stavanger, and the twinning cities, this means that the project will become much more visible – and there will be much to look forward to.

After the summer the project will conduct its first big test in when the city of Stavanger invites businesses, organization, and private individuals to an agile piloting of solutions at the Site 4016 testbed. Agile piloting is an experiment where selected actors get to test their solutions in real environments, for a limited period. The first agile pilot is looking for ideas or unfinished solutions which have not been tested before, and that require some support to see the light of day.

Inclusion is key!

The inhabitants in the areas surrounding the Site 4016 testbed will receive fliers about the test in order for them to be able to take part in the agile piloting over the coming months. This goes hand in hand with the New European Bauhaus value of inclusiveness and activation of the local citizens.

Site 4016, which is a rejuvenation of an old industrial area, opens its doors at the beginning of next year and will be the Stavanger-region’s largest “office neighbourhood”, tailored for the building and construction industry. Under 13 roofs, spread over a total area of 100,000m2, small and large architecture, engineering and construction companies will work closely together with a common goal of becoming industry leading in terms of sustainability and technology. The area is also focused on close ties with the surrounding neighbourhoods consisting of rowhouses, flats and houses.

At the beginning of next year, the agile piloting method will be applied to the other of the two testbeds in the NEB-Star project. There will be a new competition for testing at Pedersgata in Stavanger. This street, with its neighbourhoods, has a long history, both culturally and politically. In later years it has gone through an upgrade and is yet again becoming an important part of the city.

So, all in all there is much to look forward to in the coming year.

More about the NEB-STAR project

The NEB-Star project is funded by the EU over three years, for the period 2022-2025, and includes 16 partners. It will show how Stavanger, in collaboration with the twin cities of Prague (Czech Republic) and Utrecht (Netherlands), can provide insightful experimentation, demonstrations, testbeds and guidance on New European Bauhaus principles in urban transitions.

For those not familiar with EU projects, and what it means to be a lighthouse city, it can be quite complicated and with many new words and phrases. To make this easier the project has started a glossary that explains the most used words and terms. This can be found at, here you can also get up to speed with the latest news from the project. We encourage you to have a look!