The Nordic eSport association is hosting a conference on opening day of Nordic Edge Expo 2021. The event will highlight both academic potential and business opportunities within this fast-growing sport. Join the Nordic eSports conference on 20 September.

A hybrid event

The Nordic eSports conference will take place onboard a fully electric passenger ferry docked in Stavanger city centre on Monday, September 20 at 13:00 CET. We invite interested parties with the ability to travel to follow the conference onboard the ferry. It is an opportunity to connect with other like-minded eSports enthusiasts. For all who wish to get new insights via your laptop, the conference programme will be streamed live. Registration will open in August.

What to expect:

The conference programme will consist of keynote talks on ongoing initiatives and the potential of eSports from the private and academic perspective.

Academia / Education

There is immense potential in using gaming as a tool for learning in school. Learning through play can contribute to critical reflection on the consequences of choices. It can develop students’ technical skills and understanding, improve language skills and give students a deeper understanding of a subject. Several schools have hired their own educators to use gaming as educational tools.

Research shows that computer games improve the willingness to share with their peers for students with learning difficulties. It is a neutral platform where students partake, regardless of their learning abilities. Students tend to find gaming more motivating. They manage to concentrate for a longer period of time and experience a sense of mastery. There are several good reasons to let kids play. In this bulk of the programme we will hear from school leaders with experience in implementing game pedagogy in the curriculum. 

From grassroot to professional gamers

Esports have long suffered from a negative reputation, partly due to the lack of understanding. Many have a stereotypical perception of gamers associated with unhealthy diets and anti-social behaviours. This may the case for some, but for others it is a meaningful past-time. For many, gaming is also skills training, healthy eating habits and the reason for physical exercise. There’s a wave a sports teams that see the benefits of organising eSports teams. This bulk of the programme will investigate how gaming can become more mainstream for grassroot teams of all ages.

New Biz

The eSport ecosystem has vast opportunities for value creation, particularly within IT and technological solutions that the gaming industry seeks. Take Master Blaster for instance – a young company established six months ago that currently employs 24 people, with more to come.

Are the topics above relevant for your school, sports team or company? Join us on 20 September for keynote talks and panel discussions. Follow the Nordic Edge Expo conference page for registration and more information about the programme will be available soon.