We are pleased to announce that Mastercard will be a partner of this year’s Nordic Edge Expo

City Possible

The Leading smart city event in the Nordics enters into collaboration with Mastercard to address the topic ‘Life Actually’ on Tuesday 21st September at Nordic Edge Expo. Mastercard is helping 500+ cities in over 50 countries around the world to become more sustainable and inclusive – and this is just the beginning

“At Mastercard, we believe cross-sectoral collaboration and public-private partnerships are key to drive necessary innovation towards inclusive and sustainable societies. Nordic Edge Expo brings together international representation of leadership from the public and private sector and is a great platform for this collaboration to start solving for some of the most pressing issues of our time,” says Inge M. Kjønnøy Country Director at Mastercard.

Through City Possible, Mastercard facilitates a new model of public-private partnership to harness the collaborative power of partnership and co-create inclusive solutions to the most pressing urban challenges.

By leveraging their inhabitants innovative technology, data insights, and strategic partnerships, Mastercard is helping cities become more connected and resilient by focusing on improving efficiencies by eliminating the cost and consequence of cash, promoting inclusive economic development by unlocking the power of data, and expanding access to city programmes by digitizing municipal services.

Cities are developed for and by people. The topic ‘Life Actually’ that will be discussed 21st September is about empowering citizens – innovative education and life-long learning. We look forward to explore and work together with Mastercard at this year’s Nordic Edge Expo.


Imagine how much more is possible when we all work together to lift up our cities