The discussion about educational technology continues at the KnowHow EdTech conference for the sixth consecutive year. We will shed light on the most important issues in the field, share information about what the future holds, pose some pretty difficult questions – and most importantly: provide you with inspiration and effective tools.

The KnowHow EdTech conference is relevant to teachers on all education levels, school administrations, politicians, legislators and education authorities. The goal is to inform and inspire – and present new angles on current issues.

“We will cover topics like holistic approaches to learning and how technology can be used to adapt to the students’ individual needs. Also, the need for critical thinking and control of the use of data will be discussed, as well as remote collaborative learning and instructional design,” explains project manager for KnowHow EdTech, Atle Løkken from University of Stavanger.

Is the digital revolution over?

The quantum digital leaps made by schools and universities during the pandemic has made lasting impact on education. Can we now say that digital technology is like air or drinking water – something we take for granted? Nicholas Negroponte from MiT Media Lab argued in 1998 that this is a sign the digital revolution is over.

But is this true also within education, or are we lagging behind other sectors? Why have we not been able to establish better standards and procedures for digital education in national curriculums?

Alternative pathways to education

Over the last year we have experienced that education does not need a school building to take place – it can be done remotely with digital tools. However, according to the United Nations, remote learning remains out of reach for at least 500 million students.

Quality education is one of United Nations’ sustainable development goals: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Digital technology and worldwide internet coverage are powerful tools – and can contribute to reduce social and geographical differences. How can we speed up that process, and what role and social responsibility will the multinational digital players take in this quest?

These are just some of the topics to be explored at the KnowHow EdTech Conference on 21 and 22 September during Nordic Edge Expo.

We hope you will join us!