Stavanger City Council has decided to financially support our collaboration project Nordic eSports with 1 million NOK. “This support to eSports can prove to be a million worthwhile,” writes the Editor-in-Chief of Dagsavisen Rogalands Avis.

‘It’s not unlikely that the pimpled teenage gamer in your basement turns into a IT-innovator,” reads the article that continues on to underline the potential of eSports for the private and public sector. (Read the full article here. It’s in Norwegian)

Nordic eSports is a private-public collaboration coordinated by Nordic Edge. The new organisation is set up by 14 players in the Stavanger-region. The Stavanger City Council, on 3 December, unanimously decided to support the initiativ with 1 million NOK for 2020 and 2021.

“This is just the beginning,” said representative from the labour party, Øyvind Jacobsen who praised Major Kari Nessa Nordtun and the municipal administration for having gathered regional forces behind this initiative. “The Major and the administration has swiftly managed to gather strong players such as Einherjar, Master Blaster, Veni, Altibox, the University of Stavanger, Nordic Edge and more behind Nordic eSports. In collaboration with the public sector, these players will work together to take a leading position in Norway within eSports. It is a leisure activity, but it is also an important subject in education, not to mention industry. If Stavanger manages to take the lead nationally, it will provide innovation, boost the sports and contribute to tourism and new industries,” Jacobsen said.

Positive Effects

This initiative will provide activities for children and youth who fall outside of traditional leisure activities. It can reduce drop-out rates at school and can create a market for educationL technology. Furthermore, the aim is to provide a basis for new business opportunities and new jobs, says Stig Finnesand, CEO of Nordic Edge.

In the coming year the partners behind Nordic eSports will host an eSport conference in Stavanger. They are planing a large tournament. Are in the process of setting up a digital platform for gaming, which will host professional leagues, amateur leagues and school tournaments alike. They will host regular webinars and the university will conduct studies on eSports, to mention a few of the planned activities. For more information or to get involved contact: Tone Therese Paulsen, Business Developer at Altibox,


These are the partners of Nordic eSports:

  • Universitet i Stavanger
  • Einherjar eSport
  • Oilers eSport
  • Altibox
  • Veni
  • Master Blaster AS
  • Nordic Edge
  • Region Stavanger
  • Noroff
  • Wang VGS
  • Atea
  • Sparebank 1 SR Bank
  • Viking
  • eSport Hub AS