This July autonomous busses and one car will start operating in the municipality of Gjesdal as part of the Horizon2020 project SAGA.

Cluster member Mobility Forus is rolling the third phase of the pre-commercial procurement project SAGA out on the streets of Gjesdal. The Horizon 2020 project will see the autonomous busses, nicknamed ‘Gudrun’ and ‘Gerard’, and one Tesla transporting passengers from the commercial district to residential areas.


FABULOS, short for Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation Systems aims to offer solutions for the last mile transportation in cities with their own unique qualities and geographical challenges.

It is not a vehicle procurement project but takes a systematic approach, with a focus on the all-inclusive solution that can manage automated fleets as part of cities’ public transportation systems.

Small fleets of automated buses are being piloted in Gjesdal (Norway), Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia) in the spring and summer of 2020. Lamia (Greece), Helmond (the Netherlands) is coming in the fall.


The pilot route in Gjesdal runs between residential detached house area located on the top of a hill and a commercial area located in a valley, serving local shoppers and school kids.

The route offers challenges in terms of its mountainous terrain with an 8% incline, the speed limitations and partly restricted views on crossroads.