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LINKAI Technologies is hiring!

We develop B2B privacy-preserving AI solutions to inspection, testing, learning and improving critical systems to empower smart manufacturing and sustainable utilities in Sweden, the Nordics and the rest of the world. Our streamlined offerings are: 1) domain-specific deep learning-based inspection applications and, 2) an in-house microservice-based platform for both SaaS and on-premise deployment and, 3) a magic toolbox to build common, robust super AI models without using/moving around any (sensitive) big data!

Agrosense ansetter!

Agrosense er et Norsk selskap som driver med sensor utvikling og dataanalyse. Vi samarbeider med flere forskere, bønder og industrielle partnere. For å utvikle teknologi som gir optimalisert drift av gress eng. Vårt fokus er å gi bonden økt lønnsomhet og avling samt sikker produksjon, som er optimal for jord uten at det påvirker miljø med overgjødsling. Vår visjon er å bidra til bærekraftig matproduksjon og bedre utnyttelse av landbruksareal.

Yedlik is hiring!

Yedlik builds an industry for maintaining e-bike batteries. Our challenge is to eliminate 500 tons of dangerous waste a year in Norway, and expand worldwide. Reuse and repair trumps recycling! Yedlik is on the way to have the best equipped battery repair lab on the country, and is aiming first at the 200 million kr a year market of e-bike battery repairs in Norway. But there is no reason to stop at the border, nor to refrain from moving into car batteries, boat batteries, aircraft batteries ++

Connecting students with the workforce

Innoasis Forward is a new initiative by Nordic Edge Innoasis and the University of Stavanger aimed at connecting students with the workforce and vice-versa. We welcome companies to post jobs and activities targeting students. Our job will be to distribute it to student bodies to ensure you’ll find the best candidates.

More jobs will be posted soon. Is your organisation hiring?


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