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InfoTiles is hiring

About InfoTiles:

InfoTiles is a young Urbantech company out to make a difference in the way people, companies and cities make sense of their data. We are small, but scaling fast and are looking for people who share our vision to join us as we make our mark on the world. Geographically, we are nestled in between the fjords of Norway but our reach extends far beyond Scandinavia. If you have the determination to back it up, we want to hear from you.

Gjesdal kommune is hiring!

About Gjesdal kommune:

Gjesdal kommune is a mid-size municipal in Rogaland, housing 12 000 inhabitants. Our population is amongst the youngest in Norway. We strive to develop our local society in a way that enables our inhabitants to flourish and to care for their neighborhood.

Nivel is hiring

About Nivel:

Nivel is a Norwegian govtech startup, founded in 2019. We released our first regulation tool late 2020 and with venture capital we are now expanding both team and sales efforts to bring out the tools.

Application deadline has expired.

Connecting students with the workforce

Innoasis Forward is a new initiative by Nordic Edge Innoasis and the University of Stavanger aimed at connecting students with the workforce and vice-versa. We welcome companies to post jobs and activities targeting students. Our job will be to distribute it to student bodies to ensure you’ll find the best candidates.

More jobs will be posted soon. Is your organisation hiring?


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Successful student internship programme 

The Nordic Edge office, Innoasis, has been crowded with students this summer, and several of them have been recruited through our new programme, Innoasis Forward!