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Terran is hiring!

About Terran:

Terran is a small start-up innovative consultancy company working on small and medium scale projects. We are located in Stavanger with parts of our team also working from abroad. We strive to have an inclusive and fun work environment while focusing on projects that improve our society.

Fetchit is hiring

About Fetchit

Fetchit will develop a digital shopping tool for private consumers future purchases. In Fetchit, you’re able to be your own interior architect or hobby carpenter. Get inspired by the pro’s in Fetchit, join events ++! We want to build a team of good people that want to make a difference! We are looking for a developer, animation designer, economy and web developer!  

Beoi is hiring!

About Beoi:

Beoi is digitalizing deconstruction for a circular economy. The construction industry accounts for a big share of emissions and raw consumption. At Beoi we aim at using data as the key to see how we should move forward – addressing our need for insights, the frameworks we work within, and how we think of our industry.

Connecting students with the workforce

Innoasis Forward is a new initiative by Nordic Edge Innoasis and the University of Stavanger aimed at connecting students with the workforce and vice-versa. We welcome companies to post jobs and activities targeting students. Our job will be to distribute it to student bodies to ensure you’ll find the best candidates.

More jobs will be posted soon. Is your organisation hiring?


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Successful Join a Start-Up Night! 

Many students are looking for relevant part-time jobs to gain valuable work experience and network during their studies. Together with Valide, LevelUp and the University of Stavanger, Nordic Egde Innoasis hosted Join a Start-Up Night, creating a meeting place for companies and students within the smart city field.  

Companies + students = <3 

Nordic Edge Innoasis and the University of Stavanger invited companies and students to an event where they could exchange potential problems for a bachelor or master dissertation – and with huge success!

Successful student internship programme 

The Nordic Edge office, Innoasis, has been crowded with students this summer, and several of them have been recruited through our new programme, Innoasis Forward!