A guide to how organizations can recruit students for part-time jobs, projects, internships or other work-related activities.

First step

The first step is identifying the need of your company. For example, what skills are you missing? Do you need someone for a minor role in a project, maybe you need help with everyday tasks, or are you after a new colleague?

Use the form to write your job advertisement. Ensure that the job description is as straightforward as possible with a clear description of the skills needed for the job. Be short and precise (tip: avoid being too formal).

Some of the things to consider before posting a position:

  • Do you have e person that will be responsible for the guidance of the student? Do you have a working plan? We recommend having a designated person to guide the student in practical and technical matters.
  • Is all logistics, like office desk, it-equipment ready and available for the student?
  • Does your company want to use their work agreement with the student? We have a general work contract offered by Nordic Edge Innoasis. We encourage you to use that contract or even better terms when hiring.
  • What projects or activities will the student work on? Be as specific as possible and be realistic with your expectations on what can be delivered in the time the student is working for your company/organisation.

Application process:

Once you’ve filled in the form, your open position will be visible on our website, distributed to all student organizations and around the university campus. It can be posted on the University of Stavanger student recruitment page as well.

Nordic Edge Innoasis will host recruitment and networking events where we connect students and cluster members – and inspire the students to work for smart and sustainable cities. At these events, you will get the opportunity to present your company, job openings, and student assignments.

Students should apply using a CV and a short application text for all positions.

Please review each CV and plan to interview students who meet the position’s qualifications. While selecting the right candidate is the primary purpose behind the interview, keep in mind that the interview process is an important learning opportunity for your student candidates. It will provide them with experience, confidence and will be a significant step in obtaining post-graduate employment.

Interview preparations:

Prepare for the interview by:

  • Inform the chosen candidates about the time and place for the interview.
  • Create a list of questions to ask the candidates.
  • Be specific with your questions, and don’t make assumptions about a student’s ability or skills.
  • Keep in mind that some students will have no work experience.
  • Remember that this may be their first interview for many students, and they may be nervous when interviewing for a position.
  • Provide some information on your company and other factors you think are important.
  • Be clear about expectations and confirm the student’s understanding (work schedule, employment period, anticipated start and end dates, information about provided training, etc.).
  • Please proceed with your interview questions and finished them by allowing the student to ask their questions.
  • Thank the student for their time and explain the hiring decision timeline.


  • Once you have decided which student(s) to hire, you can contact the student directly via telephone or email.
  • It is good practice to notify the students who have not been selected.
  • Once hired, students are now employees for your company. Therefore, many of the same policies and procedures apply.
    • Introduce them to your company’s policies, vision —
    • Invite them to social events —-

Code of conduct:

  • Go the extra mile to create a respectful, safe, friendly, fun, and inclusive workplace for the student, free from harassment and disrespectful behavior. If anything out of the ordinary should occur, let us know, and we will assist you.
  • Introduce the student to the other employees in the organization and explain what the student will be working on.
  • Even though the student might only be employed for a limited time period, we encourage you to include him/her in team-building and social activities that occur in the company.
  • The students are likely to have a high and updated level of competence in relevant areas for your business. Therefore, we encourage you to aim high and provide tasks where the students can use their academic knowledge and avoid a big load of simple repetitive work tasks.

What happens at the end of the employment?

  • If the student is a good match, you can continue to use the student as a part-time employee for further projects or assignments. If the student graduates, you have to update the contract to match market terms.
  • Nordic Edge Innoasis will collect feedback based on the experiences of the participants to improve the program.