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The Potential of Wood in Sustainable Construction

The construction industry creates more than 35 % of all greenhouse gas emissions today. Therefore, the use of wood as a material for construction is key to a sustainable future. In this short talk, I will show two examples of using wood in buildings: the Puukuokka apartment block made with prefabricated volumetric CLT modules and a scalable concept for a floating sea pool. Anssi Lassila will also introduce the JOKOTAI Material Impact Screener, a tool for comparing the environmental impact of different material choices in the early stages of building design.

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Lassila’s architecture combines a sculptural form with traditional materials and innovative techniques. Placing the human being at the center, his work is characterized by a strong interest in developing comprehensive sustainable solutions. 

OOPEAA 2014, founder Anssi Lassila (First office founded by Anssi Lassila in 2001 under the name Lassila Mannberg Architects). OOPEAA works on a wide range of projects from churches and public buildings to housing and urban visions. There is an active focus on research and development with emphasis on solutions that support social and ecological sustainability.

Anssi gratuated from the Oulu Scholl of Architecture in 2002. He is also a Professor at the Oulu School of Architecture (2020 – 2025).

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