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Sustainability as a Business Advantage

Indahl is passionate about the interlinks between sustainability and profitability and how the financial system is changing to encourage a greener and more inclusive tomorrow. In her talk, she will take a closer look at the characteristics of a sustainable business model, and share examples meant to open the horizon for how we think of corporate sustainability.

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Cilia Holmes Indahl collects business examples that show how to succeed with sustainability that strengthens the long-term financial result. 

Cilia is an expert on sustainable business models and heads the EQT Foundation, which invests in disruptive sustainability that makes society greener and more inclusive. She has previously led the sustainability-focused VC company Katapult Group, worked as sustainability director for Aker BioMarine and as a climate consultant at KPMG. She started her career as a trainee at the Norwegian UN delegation in New York, where she participated in the negotiations of the UN’s sustainability goals. In recent years, Cilia has been used as a speaker to inspire companies to integrate sustainability into business so that it supports the company’s profitability, and in 2019 was highlighted as one of Norway’s leading female speakers. She never gives the same lecture twice, and is known for improvising and playing with the audience. As a former yoga and aerobics instructor, it quickly happens that she stands on her hands or runs between the rows of chairs to get her points. Cilia thinks a good lecture is entertaining, educational and makes one think new thoughts. She has a master’s degree in economics with a double master’s degree in international business and sustainable development from NHH and HEC Paris. She is convinced that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, and analyzed over 400 sustainable business models as part of her master’s thesis to better understand how companies can succeed with sustainability. 

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