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PropTalk – a matchmaking event between startups and established companies

Join us as we dig deep into the importance of co-creation within sustainable urban development. PropTalk is a matchmaking event between startups and established companies where we explore the challenges and opportunities we face when working together towards an improved built environment.

This is your chance to connect with likeminded people and gain insight into how investors, small and large companies can drive sustainable construction and urban development. Get valuable input from prominent speakers, meet potential business partners through speeddating & have fun at the afterwork!


13.00: Get to know each other

13.30: What is PropTalk & who are we?

13.35: Anders Frøystad from Unbolt sets the stage – From Buzz to Business – why Proptech is the 2023 “hot-to-invest-in”

13.45: Kari Anna Fiskvik, Vice President Technology at Nordic Choice Hotels & Kjetil Neergaard, Green Tech Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels

14.00: Simen Malmin, Business Developer at Veni gives you all the deets about how Innoasis was made possible through co-creation

14:15: We expect a high temperature when our panel gathers to discuss struggles and solutions when co-creating a sustainable built environment. Who are the ones throwing spanners in the works? Are we all bad guys? Or are we all fairies, but just not aware how to do our magic together? 


Moderator Simen Malmin, Business Developer at Veni

Hildur Smaradottir, CEO at Defigo

Randi Sunde, Project Manager at Base Property

Peter Feltendal, Partner/Architect at DARK

Anders Frøystad, CEO at Unbolt

14.45: Chris Fleming from Pedab “Pedab Finance offers tailored financing solutions for IT and production equipment, for the B2B market”

15.00 Find your compatible match when we get together for some speeddating. Show off your best qualities and sell that business!

15.45: Time to relax, unwind and get ready for the afterwork. Continue conversation with your preferred match from the speeddating or let go of work and just enjoy music, food and drinks. 

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