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How can design thinking solve societal challenges?

Design-driven innovation is a people-oriented way of working with innovation, helping you solve problems and create new solutions based on real user needs. Interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation throughout the innovation process can contribute to more accurate and holistic solutions.

In the Gnist-programme, DOGA and Nordic Edge are helping municipalities turning their societal challenges into new ideas and opportunities for sustainable local development, by using design-driven innovation as a method.

The response among both municipalities and companies so far have been overwhelming. In this workshop we will share knowledge and learnings that are useful both for public and private actors. Among other things, we will show:

  • How to define an innovation-friendly challenge?
  • How can user focus and co-creation lead to new ideas and opportunities for sustainable local and business development?
  • What does a design-driven innovation process look like in practice?

Designers from Webstep and Gnizt will share experience and findings from innovative design processes in the municipalities of Lund and Flekkefjord.

The workshop is in Norwegian, and will be facilitated by DOGA, Webstep and Gnizt.

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Malin is a Senior Advisor for Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA). She works with innovative urban and local development, and how interaction between people and technology can contribute to smarter and more sustainable cities and places. Malin holds a Master’s Degree in political communication from Aarhus University in Denmark.

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At Webstep, Nadine is committed to helping her clients understand the value of design as a strategic resource. She leads customer-centric and targeted digitization and innovation processes, to create and shape business models and service offerings from the outside in.

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In recent years, Janne has worked as Art Director at Webstep with overall responsibility for marketing and communication in both digital and analogue surfaces. She is passionate about good design and communication, and believes these go hand in hand.

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Rebecca is a Strategic Designer at Gnizt. She is passionate about holistic brands and inspirational messages, finding good solutions through knowledge and co-creation with both public and private actors.

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