It started as a project to boost companies solving urban challenges. Now it is taking form in the rebuild of the old Petroleum Directorate. The opening of Innoasis, Norway’s new hub for urban innovation, is approaching.

– We are looking forward to gathering cluster members and projects under the same roof, and offer them the network and resources they need to scale internationally, says Karl Fjelde Nevland, Head of Innoasis.

A toolbox creating business value
Beyond its physical structure, Innoasis is a toolbox and coworking space facilitating for cluster members to connect, collaborate, pilot and scale solutions for the international market. Here, an ecosystem of private companies, municipalities and academia come together to solve urban challenges.

– The main focus of Innoasis will be to create business value for the cluster members. The building and activities are tools to help you grow your business, says Nevland. 

Innoasis will house both startups and larger companies, everyone with the common goal of achieving more sustainable and smart cities. Site manager at Innoasis, Malin Petrea Jørgenvåg, is excited to get started with building an engaging community:

– To strengthen connections between the members and facilitate for cooperation, we will host monthly afterworks, pitching lunches, breakfast meetings and other events where members get to know each other better. 

Opening festival
This next chapter for Nordic Edge will begin with a two-day opening festival, 27-28th October, showcasing a distilled version of what the innovation center will be in the future. The programme includes speakers, pitches, debates and an opening party.