Gnist is an innovation programme inviting the business community to co-create solutions and solve specific challenges related to site- and business development in cities and rural districts. The programme is a collaboration between Nordic Edge and DOGA.

The innovation programme combines co-creation, design methodology and new technology to:

  • Increase competence in site- and business development in district municipalities, based on individual advantages and needs
  • Create new collaborative constellations for more innovative, comprehensive and long-term solutions
  • Create attractive, sustainable and adaptable communities people want to settle, work and live in
  • Scale and export innovative solutions

The Gnist-programme consists of three parts: 


An open and digital competence part consisting of four modules. The goal is to increase insight into our challenges and gain more knowledge of how to interact. We want Norwegian municipalities to initiate concrete innovation projects by identifying and working with their own issues in new ways.


This part includes a digital platform where municipalities can present challenges related to place- and business development on which they want innovative solutions. This creates the opportunity to connect the municipalities’ challenges with solutions from the business community.


Business actors in design, architecture and other relevant expertise are connected with a handpicked selection of municipalities to identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions to specific challenges in the municipalities, based on local needs, advantages and premises.