Edge Validation

Edge Validation is a program to fast-track your product-market-fit in the Norwegian market. Accelerate your commercialization by gaining access to testing in a real environment, with the right resources and the right implementation.

Funding guidance

Technology & infrastructure

Urban test beds

Technical & commercial resources

Too many urban innovations strand on “Shores of Pilot Deaths” without reaching their potential as implemented and scaled solutions.

Edge Validation is a program developed to accelerate time-to-market for emerging tech solving urban problems. The program provides test beds, partners, network, user insight and funding guidance that help you achieve market-ready solutions that have the potential of becoming a commercial success.

The program is open to Nordic, Baltic and North-European start-ups and SME’s.

The first round of Edge Validation is now ongoing. 

The program is targeting solutions for:

  • Spaces and places: Proptech, architecture & city development
  • Urban Energy: The use, distribution and production of energy in urban areas
  • Urban Mobility: Solutions for blue and green mobility
  • Communication: Technology for enabling a smart and connected city
  • Citizen services: Technology for engaging citizens & communities

Applications for 5G are especially welcome to apply. 

The support you need

Funding options and support

Facilitate matching with compatible investors before and after the testing, or with relevant EU or governmental grants to fund your pilot project.

Access to core technology and infrastructure

Provide you with access to licenses for 5G, LoraWAN and IoT-network and Azure Credits for cloud processing.

Access to urban test beds

Test in real environments – we have access to buildings and construction cites, streets and city districts, and Norwegian users and customers. Read more about the different test beds HERE.

Access to technical and commercial resources

We have experts within construction, IoT and connectivity, IT and Cloud and Product development and -testing in our network.

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