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Launching a National Citizen Participation Platform

It’s obvious that smart and sustainable cities more than ever need tools and skills for citizen participation.

The Norwegian Smart City Network has learned from European frontrunners and is now launching a national platform with services and programs for all Norwegian municipalities, based on the acknowledged European solution of Decidim.

Together with KS and local companies we are creating a scalable service adapted to Norwegian requirements making it easier for municipalities of all sizes to join and further develop it together. Join us at Nordic Edge for the official launch and discussion about how we can increase the quality of democratic processes in a post covid world.

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Gunnar Edwin Crawford is head of Stavanger Smart City, innovating across public-private boundaries, co-creating the smart city of the future.

Gunnar has extensive hands-on experience with innovation and development within the fields of welfare technology, smart homes and smart cities.

He believes strongly in citizen involvement and uses the power of the smart city team to challenge and evolve the democratic processes of today.

He is a patent holder, and winner of a CES Innovation award. He has contributed in several EU projects, including two Horizon 2020 projects – Triangulum ( and Invade (

Crawford’s professional background is within ICT, energy and innovation. Gunnar is co-author of the book “Creating Disruptive Ecosystems” (2016 – ), about the importance of understanding new digital business models when innovating digital systems and services.

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Kristin Solhaug Næss is an advisor on citizen participation for the municipality of Trondheim, and head of the citizen participation group in the Norwegian Smart Cities Network. She is an urban designer with a passion for co-creation. Her focus for the past few years has been working with how technology and digital participation can support how we develop our cities and society. She has been working with the piloting and use-case of Decidim for both Trondheim and the other municipalities in the Norwegian Smart Cities Network since 2019.

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Øyvind Tanum is head of Smart City in the municipality of Trondheim, in central Norway. He has a background in finance, and has spent his recent years working with smart and sustainable development.
He is an advocate for how technology and data can contribute to sustainable value creation, and has been working to establish Decidim as a national platform on digital participation.

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Anne Romsaas is Chief Adviser on SDG in KS – The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, and Chairman of the board in the Norwegian Smart Cities Network. She works to motivate, support and encourage Norwegian Municipalities and Regional Authorities to develop innovative and good services for citizens and inclusive communities through applying the SDGs and Smart City technology, and lobby to strengthen local democracy and enabling environments for local development. Anne Romsaas has a Masters Degree in Sociology, and has worked in the municipal sector for many years, mainly with innovation, technology and competency building actions.

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