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From Goals to Actions for Smart and Sustainable Communities

Local and Regional Governments have come together in a concerted effort to push Norway in a smarter and more sustainable direction. A Norwegian Network of Excellence has worked with national and international partners to develop a unique approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals bottom up, pursuing local potential for sustainable value creation in the process. The transition framework adopted by the network, and recognised by the EU-commission Innovation Radar as a breakthrough innovation, allows local governments and their partners to align actors, activities and resources to deliver on the UN 2030-agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.

This session is moderated by City Chief Executive Morten Wolden, head of the steering committee of Bærekraftsløftet, the City Network of Excellence on SDG City Transitions in Norway.

The Network of Excellence has adopted a systematic approach to smart and sustainable development. The SDG City Transition Framework, recognised as a breakthrough innovation by the EU Commission in 2020, identifies a number of actors, activities and resources that determine how effective cities are in moving from data to policy, action and impact. The framework, adopted by cities across the EU and beyond, pinpoints a number of issues that successful cities need to address on their way to becoming smarter and more sustainable societies.

Panelists are challenged to assess and discuss the overall maturity of Norwegian cities, each from their respective perspectives: academia, public sector, private sector, civil society, and debate the following topics;

  • Measuring and monitoring smart and sustainable development at the local level
  • Developing sustainable leadership practices and governance models
  • Mobilizing citizens and businesses to form strong partnerships for the global goals


  • Agata Krause, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Amund Grytting, Co-founder Young Sustainable Impact
  • Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg, Partner, Advisory/ KPMG Pure Sustainability
  • Helge Brattebø, Professor at NTNU Industrial Ecology and Director of NTNU Sustainability
  • Anne Romsaas, KS – The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities


Moderatet by; Morten Wolden, Head of Steering for Norwegian Network of Excellence on SDG City Transitions (Bærkrekraftsnettverket) and City Chief Executive of Trondheim

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Head of Steering for Norwegian Network of Excellence on SDG City Transitions (Bærkrekraftsnettverket) and City Chief Executive of Trondheim.

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Amund Grytting is Co-founder of Young Sustainable Impact, an organization gathering talented young entrepreneurs internationally to solve sustainability challenges. YSI has an online community of 12.000+ young people, run innovation programs in Norway, Singapore, China and Bangladesh and are now building an online education platform for sustainable entrepreneurship.
Amund just launched a report with YSI ordered by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization called “The Cleanup Generation: Youth Participation in a Climate Crisis” about how to include youth better in planning for a sustainable future. Study background in Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Geography. 

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Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg is a pioneer in sustainability and social responsibility consulting and a trusted advisor for some of the largest companies in Norway. She has long experience working with both private and public sector, and partnership between NGOs and the private and public sector.

Her expertise on strategic implementation of the UN Sustainability goals is internationally recognized. She has more than 20 years’ experience from the consulting industry and has founded two startups. Her company Pure Consulting was acquired by KPMG in 2020 and she is now Partner and Head of the fast-growing advisory unit KPMG Pure Consulting. Her passion is developing vivid and profitable sustainability strategies that “move and make a difference”.

Stine Lise also works with the United Cities International Centre for Sustainable Cities and Community, a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Vienna, running programmes with international organisations, the public and global business and financial markets to collaborate effectively in uplifting cities and communities worldwide as the world’s primary engines to realize prosperity and achieve the UN Sustainable Goals by 2030. More information can be found here.

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 Professor at NTNU Industrial Ecology and Director of NTNU Sustainability

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Anne Romsaas is Chief Adviser on SDG in KS – The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, and Chairman of the board in the Norwegian Smart Cities Network. She works to motivate, support and encourage Norwegian Municipalities and Regional Authorities to develop innovative and good services for citizens and inclusive communities through applying the SDGs and Smart City technology, and lobby to strengthen local democracy and enabling environments for local development. Anne Romsaas has a Masters Degree in Sociology, and has worked in the municipal sector for many years, mainly with innovation, technology and competency building actions.

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