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Empowering Cities with Time-Specific Information, Citizen Engagement and Sustainability

Unlock the potential of creating a direct communication channel between your city and its citizens. Join us for a webinar where we explore the concept of establishing a dedicated platform for time- & location-specific information and citizen engagement within cities.

Together with Innocode we invite representatives from cities and public sector organizations to join us in a captivating webinar. Together, let’s discover the benefits and opportunities that arise when cities have their own platform for delivering time-specific information and fostering meaningful engagement with citizens.

During this session, we will hear from experts who have successfully implemented dedicated channels for citizen interaction. They will share their experiences, shedding light on the strategies employed to create a thriving and inclusive community through effective communication.

Join us as we explore real-life case studies, showcasing the challenges faced and the innovative solutions employed by cities like Kyiv, Oslo and Södertälje. Discover how they utilize their own communication channels to enhance citizen participation, build trust, and create a sense of belonging.

Key topics to be discussed in this webinar include

Understanding the importance of establishing a direct communication channel between cities and citizens

  • Examples and learnings from cities Oslo, Kyiv, Sandefjord, and Södertälje
  • Interactive panel discussion and Q&A session with the experts, providing insights into successful citizen engagement strategies
  • Practical considerations and best practices for cities to create their own dedicated platform for push strategies and  native mobile communication
  • Nudging & real time data: Perspectives on how efficient citizen-communication is important when altering behaviours and reducing carbon footprint on an individual level.

Don’t miss this webinar that will empower you to establish a direct channel between your city and its citizens. Reserve your spot now to join us on this journey of enhancing citizen engagement and communication!

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