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EDIH Oceanopolis Regional Kick-Off

Let’s kick start Oceanopolis

Norway is a participant in the EU’s programme ‘Digital’, which aims to increase the speed of digitization of small and medium sized enterprises and the European public sector, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. In Norway, there are two such digital crossroads – and EDIH Oceanopolis is one of these.

In connection with the start-up of this hub, this regional meeting will be held to provide an update on the work.

Stig Marthinsen, from NORCE, who heads the hub, will talk about the customer journey, the service offering and the plans going forward, both in terms of the regional and national network. We will also discuss the scope for the clusters that are connected to the hub.

There will also be an external presenter from Microsoft Norway, who will talk about the “state of the union” in artificial intelligence. We know this is a popular topic, and there will probably be many opportunities and questions for the regional network going forward.

Innoasis Week

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