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Announcing the winners – Hackathon: Reinventing Education

Live streamed award ceremony.

Join us as we announce the winners of the digital hackathon Reinventing Education by Nordic Edge Innoasis in partnership with Microsoft and the University of Stavanger.

This session is for everyone with a passion for making a difference in society and education.

With Covid-19 the need to change how we provide learning has never been greater. There is an urgent need to innovate and the timing is now. We see a huge potential for innovations to help teachers and schools provide the most value to their students.

Together with students, developers, and startups we have spent 2 days exploring how we can enhance the learning experience, motivate bored students, and improve self-education. There is a demand for solutions that reimagine how we learn and we will bring you the top 3 finalists of the hackathon and celebrate the winning team with a live streamed award ceremony.

Shahzad Rana, National Technology Officer at Microsoft and Torgeir Waterhouse will be hosting this session together with Nordic Edge Innoasis and Microsoft for Startups. They will bring you the highlights of the 3 finalists and present the winner based on jury criteria.

We promise lots of energy, glitter and glam, and a showcase of new and innovative technology for the education sector.

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