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Innovate with artificial intelligence – how and why?

Let’s innovate with AI

We are happy to invite you to this event hosted by Nordic Edge, Pedab, IBM and EDIH, focusing on the transformative power of artificial intelligence in innovation.

Join us as we explore the role of AI in fostering and challenging innovation within organisations. Discover how AI can stimulate to the development of new solutions and procedures, and at the same time be an obstacle for creativity needed to innovate.

Key questions we will be exploring:

  • In what way can AI stimulate innovation within your organisation?
  • When is not the right time to be using AI to innovate?
  • Should you dive into the world of AI to boost innovation?
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13:30-14:00: Arrival and mingling
14:00-14:10: Welcome with Nordic Edge and Pedab
14:10-14:30: “Put AI into action – use the right AI in a safe way to fuel innovation that matters for you and your company” with Vidar Svendsen, Software Technical Specialist at IBM
14:30-14:50: “Djinn – How AI increases efficiency for journalists’ research work” with Rune Skår and Herman Jangsett Mostein Visito
14:50-15:10: Turning every stone with Vitesh Aggarwal, Manager of Advanced Core Services at Lyse Tele
15:10-15:20: Break
15:20-16:10: Panel discussion “Why use AI for innovation – and why not?”

  • Moderator: Alvaro Fernandez-Quilez, Associate Professor in AI at the University of Stavanger

16:10-18:00: Afterwork

Why attend?

During this event, you will get the chance to explore the potential of AI in driving innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this is a unique opportunity to learn, network, and join in on the discussion of AI’s impact on innovation.


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Project and delivery manager for the Djinn project with Polaris Media, and IBM Partner Manager from Visito.

Experienced as a technical project manager, solution architect, and test manager, with delivery and implementation responsibilities for complex IT solutions and large projects. In recent years, has extensively worked on the implementation of AI solutions and services to automate and streamline workflows and processes.

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Holds a Master’s degree in machine learning and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, with a special interest in specialized areas such as reinforcement learning, deep learning, and topological data analysis.

In the Djinn project, responsible for designing the ML architecture, as well as implementing and evaluating models deployed in production. Models include regression models, clustering methods, as well as prompt engineering on large language models. All models are developed using IBM’s cloud services and IBM Watson.

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Alvaro Fernandez-Quilez has a background in physics, telecommunications engineering and biomedical engineering. He holds a PhD degree in AI for signal processing with applications to healthcare (cancer and neurodegenerative diseases), obtained in Norway. He currently has an Associate professor position in AI and is the leader of Stavanger AI Laboratory at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

His research interests lie on applied AI in healthcare, public sector and industry with a particular emphasis on trustworthy, robust, generative AI and more broadly, human-AI collaboration. Besides at UiS, you might be able to find Alvaro hiking a different mountain every other weekend, running, skiing (when possible), trying a new sport every now and then, reading or trying new food.


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