Terran is looking for a full-time Structural Engineer on behalf of one of our client, Ventum Dynamics Group (VDG).

About the company

Ventum Dynamics Team is a Stavanger-based technological start-up focused on wind technologies for the built environment. VDG has an engineering team dedicated to the research and development of small and medium-scale urban wind turbines and is committed to ensuring a just transition to a more circular and low-carbon global economy. The VDG team works diligently while having fun, being creative, and thinking outside the box to develop the finest solutions possible. No day is the same, and at times it moves at a breakneck pace with numerous projects occurring simultaneously.

About the role

Terran is looking for a full-time Structural Engineer on behalf of one of our client, Ventum Dynamics Group (VDG). VDG is preparing to scale operations and is currently preparing mass production of its first technology and starting the work for the next version of the Ventum turbine. For this, we are seeking a skilled and experienced structural engineer to join their team and take charge of overseeing the structural segments of the project. Your primary responsibility will be to ensure the safety, strength, and durability of wind turbines.

The position

  • Full-time
  • Design structures for our wind turbine and support structure
  • Create structural models by using computer-aided design software
  • Quantify effects of environmental factors on our wind turbine and support structure
  • Follow Standard practices & safety guidelines used in Structural Design
  • Choose appropriate materials based on structural specifications
  • Assist in creating on-site installation process & assembly sequence.
  • Perform structural analyses together with engineering team.
  • Collaborate with contractors and project managers

Requirements and skills

  • Previous experience as a Structural Engineer or similar field
  • Excellent knowledge of structural methods and regulations/standards
  • Experience with 2D drawing (GD&T, Dimensional tolerances, welding symbols)
  • Knowledge of rotating components and vibration analysis.
  • Experience with DFMA
  • Knowledge of FEA & Fatigue Calculation
  • Knowledge of materials science, WPS, and NDT
  • Experience with Solidworks
  • Data-driven mindset with excellent mathematical skills
  • Good communication ability in English (both written and verbal)
  • Attention to detail
  • Degree in Structural Engineering (Mechanical); a Master’s degree is a plus


  • VDG provides an exciting work environment in which each team member has a significant impact on the product’s technology development and success.
  • An opportunity to expand your network on a national and international level.
  • Significant opportunity to influence the product through your ideas and creative thinking.
  • This is an excellent chance for professional and personal growth in a novel and expansive competency setting

Apply now

Send your CV and cover letter to Yuvalakshmi Thiruthiyappan, yuva@terran.team, phone number 96671332.