Passionate about learning and technology

– I belive in people as drivers for change, and with the right mindset we all can be important change agents for innovation and future ways of working. We need to work smarter, and learn and develop as a part of our everyday work.

Her educational background is six years at the University of Oslo, in psycology, leadership, and a pedagogical Master in ICT in learning.

Merete has worked in serveral companies – Equinor, Bristow and the University of Stavanger – with learning and development, and focus on driving inovation in learning, and the latest years worked with digital skills and mindset for the digital transformation and innovative times we are in the middel of. 

The future is now! #new ways of working 

– I like learning by making – and started experimenting with digital learning, video, podcasts and changeagents in learning – several years ago, tells Merete.

Digital ninjas as change agents and change makers was her idea, back in 2017 (now adopted by a lot of other companies like NAV, Lyse, Orkla, SR-Bank and more) when we started a great learning journey to upskill Equinor with more digital skillset for everyone, and change mindset for the future ways of working.

Merete even got an award in 2020 – one of Norways top 50 tech-women –