Jeanette is a futurist and head of new business at the Institute’s advisory department. Together with her colleagues she advises top management in various industries on issues of strategic concern, using future studies methods.

Together with UNESCO, she works to enhance individuals’ and organisations’ futures literacy skills. In her role as head of new business, she is responsible for establishing partnerships with purposeful businesses, NGOs and investors. Besides, she takes the lead on developing concepts that suit the present projects.

Jeanette’s knowledge of both megatrends and societal development patterns, combined with her previous hands-on experience as an entrepreneur, provides her with rich insight into challenges and opportunities facing companies in fast-changing market.

In 50 years’ time, Jeanette aims to look back and see herself as having contributed to making the world a less anxious and more futures literate place, where uncertainty is seen as a resource rather than an enemy.

Jeanette holds a Master of Science in Global Studies from the Lund University in Sweden. (cand.scient.pol.)