Join a Start-Up Night

On this page you will find an overview of the companies that presented during Join a Start-Up Night at Innoasis, and their available positions.


Nivel delivers digital regulation tools to enable cities take control of the public space. The idea is that smart, dynamic regulation makes cities tidier and safer – with better mobility. Would you like to contribute to this?

Open positions:

  • COO / Operations & Project Management
  • Lead Back-end / Full-stack Developer
  • Market Developers / Policy Advisors / Sales (Spain, France, Italy, UK, Germany, etc.)

Contact information

Harald Sævareid,


Open positions in 2023:

  • Electrical engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Logistics
  • CFO

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Daniela Ugare,



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Luca Oggiano,

Master Blaster

Master Blaster is a tech company with the vision of making it possible for everyone to experience the joy of eSports.

Open positions:

  • Business Developer
  • Marketer

Contact information

Tonje Hadland,

Nova Smart


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Aleksander Aas,



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John Erik Paulsen,


Novatech is a new start-up, and our business is AI-driven predictions for CO2 reductions. We use AI to generate energy and emission models for complex emission-intensive corporations. The customer can simulate various scenarios, and the system will predict future emissions. They can also compare different scenarios and plan for the most efficient way to net zero emissions.

Open positions:

  • Developer intern with an interest in AI
  • Marketing or sales intern with a focus on B2B sales to large international companies

Contact information

Knut Husdal,

Sustainable Business Systems

Open positions:

  • IT architecture & system development
  • Data analyst
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Communication & marketing
  • Accounting

Contact information

Pål Svanes,
Lene Koll,


We at PaleBlue works with VR and training solutions for the industry.

Open positions:

  • Unity 3D developers
  • 3D modelers
  • Project managers

Contact information

Felix Gorbatsevich,


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