Welcome to Innoasis

– our oasis of innovation, inspiration and interaction.

Located in the vibrant city of Stavanger, we invite you to join our innovation hub for smart and sustainable cities. This is a place for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors, developers, public sector heroes and anyone else working for a better future.

Together with Smedvig, we are rehabilitating the old petroleum directorate to create an innovation hub for tomorrow’s solutions. The new building will be ready in October 2022. Until then, you can join us in Løkkeveien 111, where we have already started building a community of like-minded people eager to share knowledge and help each other grow.

Innoasis is a coworking space for everyone working towards greener, more vibrant and sustainable cities. Here, you are a part of a community where we work together, share knowledge, celebrate the success of others and collaborate on overcoming challenges.

Innoasis provides you with the tools to connect, pilot and scale your solutions for the international market.

Are you interested in hearing more? Feel free to get in touch.

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Karl F. Nevland

Karl F. Nevland

Head of Innoasis

+47 926 47 486

Malin Petrea Jørgenvåg

Site Manager at Innoasis

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Innoasis is built on collaboration – for collaboration