She is a futurist and head of new business at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

Jeanette Kæseler Mortensen will talk about the new normal in education after the corona crisis. Her keynote is on the first day of the conference: 23 September.

The corona crisis has accelerated digitalisation and forced an increased knowledge about digital literacy across generations. What are the benefits and challenges of the new digital normal in education? Janette Kæseler Mortensen will touch upon topics like blended learning, liquid expectations and lifelong learning.

She will also talk about Future Literacy, the skill that allows people to better understand the role that the future plays in what they see and do and the capability to use to the future to solve a specific task. Kæseler Mortensen works with UNESCO to enhance individuals’ and organisations’ futures literacy skills.

About Janette Kæseler Mortensen

Together with her colleagues at Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies, Kæseler Mortensen advises top management in various industries on issues of strategic concern, using future studies methods.

Jeanette’s knowledge of both megatrends and societal development patterns, combined with her previous hands-on experience as an entrepreneur, provides her with rich insight into challenges and opportunities facing companies in fast-changing market.


Received funding for digital cube presented at KnowHow EdTech

19. October 2020

The founders behind the DIGme Learning have received funding from Innovation Norway to help commercialise their product. After presenting their innovation at the KnowHow EdTech conference in September, another incubator company has also made contact to find out more about the startup’s potential.


Speakers’ links

28. September 2020

Here you go. Links to some of the interesting stuff our speakers at KnowHow EdTech talked about. We hope you will check them out and be inspired.


Casper Klynge to KnowHow EdTech

He was earlier Denmark’s ambassador to the global tech industry (the world’s first!) and is now Microsoft’s Vice President for European Government Affairs. At KnowHow EdTech, he will talk about how technology met the challenges of the corona pandemic.